Newport tower carbon dating

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The tower has a height of 28 feet and an exterior width of 24 feet.

At one time the sides were coated with a smooth coating of white plaster, the remains of which can still be seen clinging to the outer walls.

Carbon-dating of floorboards at nearby long house date to 1405. This conclusively disproves any hoax theory while also linking these three artifacts together.

At a recent NEARA (New England Antiquities Research Association) conference held in Newport, RI (November 7-9, 2008), an announcement was made concerning the carbon-dating of mortar found during the Chronognostic Research Foundation's dig at the Newport Tower.

You have to include the Kensington Rhune Stone which does show a land claim.

Nothing in early Norse architecture is similar, in size or appearance, to the Newport Tower.

The Newport Tower is located in Touro Park, at the top of Mill Street, surrounded by a historical residential neighborhood on the hill above the waterfront tourist district.

Eighteenth-century paintings show that the hill itself once furnished a view of the harbor and would have been visible to passing mariners in Narragansett Bay, but recent tree growth now obscures the view of the harbor from the top of the tower. From southeast to northwest the diameter reportedly measures 22 feet 2 inches, but when measured from east to west, the diameter lengthens to 23 feet 3 inches, suggesting that the discrepancies may be due to the unevenness of the rubble masonry.

Before I begin, I would like share something that I discovered.

If you enter for Gulf de Cintra, Sahara West Africa on Google Earth for search, you will be taken to the Newport Tower.

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I live in Westford, MA with my wife and our two daughters. Long passed off as a hoax, but how many people know the Runic language? And why would a Colonial trail-marker depict a knorr, a 14th-century ship? on inscriptions found in Maine, Minnesota and Rhode Island.

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